We produce a 100% in Germany. With resources taken from our region. According to the highest German standards and a company standard even exceeding these.

The production in utter closeness to the local raw material deposits and the proximity to the market are the basis for the exemplary symbiosis of economy and ecology.

Therefore we avoid the use of environmentally burdensome resources and product tourism. We produce following the highest environmental standards and face the requirements as well as the constant audits of the local legislation.

100% made in Germany.

Sustainability (pdf)


As a responsibility for our environment and the future generations we put great emphasis on the sustainability of our products and act economically when using resources and energy.

Beginning with a a closed cycle of raw materials, an efficient recycling system, our own defecation and reutilization of waste water in production, ending with the use of our industrial waste heat and cleaning of our industrial fumes. We use the most modern methods for an environmentally friendly production. During the process of the tile production we exclusively use green power from renewable energy source.

All of our resources find their origin in local deposits,

as for example from the Stephan Schmidt KG in Dornburg, Germany. 


The incriminating importation of raw
material could be eliminated.
deposit of raw materials must be
renaturated 100% and are strictly
controlled by public authorities. Where
clay pits used to be, natural habitats
come into existence today.

Find more information about this
topic (environmental
of our supplier, the Stephan Schmidt
KG, that participates in the collective
system for the environmental
management and environmental
auditing (EMAS).

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Further background information on the clay of our region (video):

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As mid-sized family company, sustainability contains the guidelines of our business operations. Interbau-Blink follows employment standards on the level of a modern, socially responsible company. Vocational training as well as deployment perspectives for our employees are given in a flexible and family-friendly working environment.


Belonging to a foundation, the executive management and the employee representatives are partners in an active coalition.

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About us (pdf)


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